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A holiday on Yacht Tricia - your floating home in Leros Marina Lakki Harbour

Experience the lively and interesting life of an international Marina - and of a sailor! Stay a board an historical wooden yacht built in 1938, "Tricia" , berthed in the working marina of Leros, in the Dodecanese chain of islands; a quiet island, a very typical and non touristy Greek island, "slow tourism" style. If you can't relax here, can't relax anywhere! This is a unique sort of accommodation, a bit rustic, but plenty comfortable and very interesting. We no longer take Trica to sea, but she is a "floating home".

The marina where Tricia is berthed is a working marina, with dry docks. Many sailing and motor yachts come and go in the summer months, there is always interesting activity going on and people from around the world. In a marina, people tend to be friendly and share stories, it is a great place to meet people. Tricia has plenty of shaded areas for lounging outside, the picture does not show the shades as this is a winter picture. 

Everything is close on Leros, it is only 16 kilometers long; there are nice coves for swimming, good restaurants, motorcycle and bicycle rental, water sports and activities, nice small tavernas and cafes on the waterfront in Lakki within walking distance, and elsewhere on the island. There is just enough tourism to make this island "comfortable" but not so much as to ruin its island character. 

Quite a few sailors have settled on Leros from all over the world to enjoy the life on this out of the way island. The marina is quite an international community, with yachts coming and going all summer.

We are building a 100% sustainable home on Leros, a sloooow project.. and you are invited to visit our "home in progress" during your stay.


Here are some shots of Leros:

this is one of the Leros Videos. 

Here is the link to the Tricia pictures, copy and paste to get the pictures....


One double cabin, one cabin with two single berths

Families welcome

Shower and WC facilities are in the marina

Good outdoor deck space and shade as well as a good sized saloon (the living room) and galley for meal preparation. There is a gas range and small electric stove.

Living on a vintage yacht could be compared to living in a caravan (RV) with similar facilities, are floating!

Laundry facilities in the marina

Linen provided

Tricia is not a luxury yacht, she is comfortable and rustic, and very original! If you want to experience a different way of life, see what living in a marina is like, relax on a Greek island, then this is a place for you. Tricia is our home, share our way of life. By staying on Tricia you will contribute to helping us maintain her and keep her, she is a historic yacht and we hope to preserve her.


JUNE 25-SEPTEMBER 25, 2012


If you would like more images of Tricia or Leros, just drop us a line. We also offer sailing trips on our other boat.

Please look up LEROS on Youtube for footage of Leros.

 responsibletravel recommends Historic Vintage Yacht TRICIA

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