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Travel changes your outlook on life,   
        sailing changes your life.

in 1 9 9 2  . . .

            I was living in central Italy, actively pursuing a career in the fine arts, renovating Italian "colonicas" and selling wine in Chianti, among other things!  In November of 1992,  I plunged into sailing feet first, joining an Italian yacht crossing the Atlantic with the ARC Rally,* and knowing very little about what I was getting into ~

I had sailed a few times previously . .  just enough to know I wanted more of it, and had for a long long time!

 We started from the Canary islands and finishing in the Caribbean, it was a memorable journey, and one I would love to do again, it turned out to be the experience of a life time and led to continuing to sail non-stop for nearly a year, joining yachts as I encountered them in the Caribbean, on to the Azores and Spain after re-crossing the Atlantic, and further into the Mediterranean.  Many life changes and a year later found me in the Dodecanese Islands of Greece, having contacted a Cabin Charter  sailing company based in Kos to take a trip. Diane was just getting her Seascape Charter company off the ground and I joined a lively group of guests on one of her cruises. I was keen to stay in the area and sail, so I stayed for a month on the tiny island of Archi, and then hooked up with Diane again to do some delivery work.  Diane and I hit it off and she invited me to come back and "learn the ropes" and help her sail the following year, which I did. In 1995, Diane decided to expand her business, added a boat, asked me to get my captain's license and take charge of her second charter yacht. That, I did! So 1996 found me now in command of my first yacht, and the year was fantastic, apart from the yacht which, unfortunately needed better upkeep than it had experienced in previous years, gave me many headaches - and a lot of experience of fixing things that I had never had the experience of fixing!  In 1997 Diane purchased the sailing yacht, Angelina and things went a lot smoother, I enjoyed sailing Angelina as if she were my own yacht.

After working for Diane for a number of years, doing very enjoyable sailing trips with her two boats, I happened upon an interesting yacht lying in Marmaris; I knew there was something familiar about the boat...it was the same make and model of the one I had crossed the Atlantic on, and a very study dependable yacht. I managed to buy the yacht and so in 1999, I started out on my own, with Michael's help, Michael and I had met the year before. We spent the best part of the summer of 1999 working on getting the yacht in shape and that summer  had her "maiden voyage" with close friends and family.  

From 1999 on, I have been captain of Pwyll, sailing in the Dodecanese and along the Turkish coast, conducting personalized sailing tours of these areas. Michael continues to back me up, keeping Pwyll in tip top shape and being only a call away when I need help!  

I normally start the season in June, and finish towards the end of September. Now after all these years sailing in the Dodecanese Islands and along the Turkish coast this area is "my backyard" and I love going back to all the familiar anchorages and islands where we have good friends, we are always welcomed as old friends, and this is one of the things that makes sailing with me on Pwyll, so unique.

Leros is now our home, we are building our passive solar home, 100% sustainable, brick by brick, we hope to have it finished by...2020!  The extensive landscaping is about 80% finished, the house...about the same, it is an ongoing project, may always be!  We ponder each decision, taking time to make it all fit together like a slowly constructed puzzle. Slowly...like our way of sailing and touring; sailing in these islands, is "slow tourism".

I am not a big company and I do not run charters except during the "comfortable" sailing months, I  take only a limited number of charters each year so as to give my best to each group and not "burn out".   

Sailing gets in your blood, and never leaves.  I am a sailor, and will always be one, the salt gets into your blood and calls to you when you are far from the sea, when ever I am far from it I feel a strange longing it never goes away..

Come and enjoy the art of traveling by the power of the wind in one of the world's oldest civilized areas, among people who still live close to the earth and the sea; like ourselves, enjoying life for it's simple uncomplicated pleasures. 




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