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What is a Sailing Charter?


Captained Charter

Crewed Charter

 Bareboat Charters

A bareboat charter signifies that you are renting only THE BOAT   for a determined period of time, all equipment is generally included but might exclude such things as the outboard for the dingy, a BBQ, or bed linin. 

 No provisions are included in the price. On a bareboat charter you bring your own captain and/or crew.  Generally, sailors with experience will hire a bareboat and one experienced sailor with a captain's license with be... the captain.

Captained Charter

The company that you rent your boat from will supply you with your captain. Generally you will not know ahead of time who this person will be. They will be licensed, but could be anywhere from early 20s on up!  You can ask questions of the company and try to find out whom you will be paired with ahead of time. 

Crewed Charter   

With a crewed charter the yacht company supplies you with a captain and a crew person who might be your chef and/or first mate. 


Generally you will do your own shopping the day of departure.  It is possible to request some provisioning for such heavy items as water - and more.

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 Choosing the yacht size

Generally speaking, if you have not done much sailing then you want to be on a boat that is at least around 45' (12.5 meters) to have plenty of space (as yachts go!).

Also, under around 40' in any kind of seas, you need a bit of size to not feel the sea so much and handle the waves comfortably.

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