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When is the sailing season? 

What you need to know that in every part of the 

world the weather and winds in that area will 

determine when is the best time to sail.

In the Caribbean you would consider mid December

to April, but if you are coming to sail in the

Mediterranean your sailing season begins in late

May and continues through September, possibly

October. Live aboard sailors might be sailing all

year, or start their season as early as April and end as

late as December, but their way of sailing is not the

same as a charter.

A charter has the restriction of time and therefore

you want to come sailing when you are guaranteed

(as much as the wind gods permit) the most good

days. You cannot sail on days where the conditions

due to the wind direction or strength will not permit

comfortable sailing or even safe sailing. Every

captain will look at this differently and also judge

what the guests will find enjoyable, but there are

definite limits for any captain, any crew.

If you want to have the best chance of having the

choice to sail every day you would do well to

schedule your sailing trip between June and the end

of September. Storms begin to come up starting in

late September but this varies greatly every year,

sometime storms do not show up until November.

Having said this, you cannot expect everyday of your

trip to be perfect for sailing. No one is in control of

the winds! Choose your trip wisely, ask a lot of

questions, make sure your investment in your trip is

spent wisely by choosing the right time, the right

area, a reliable company/captain, and it merits

saying, owner operated charters are your best bet.

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