r a t h e r b e s a i l i n g

Travel changes your outlook on life,   
        sailing changes your life.


          Cruising yacht  Pwyll  

                                                Jeanneau Sunfizz Sloop


                            . . . . .. in the Dodecanese Islands      

                                                                                                                               & the Turquoise Coast of Turkey                 



                                    The Galley                        

The Saloon


    Forward Berth     Aft Berth



Pwyll and I have been sailing together since 1998.    

Pwyll was chosen as my vessel to charter because of her studyness, uncomplicated rigging,

balance, and lack of things on deck to stub your toes on!

The excellent French design allows us comfort on board without compromising sailing capability.

We have ample room in the cockpit for 6 people to be seated while sailing, plenty of

leg room and comfortable seating.

The position of sailing apparatus, helm, rigging and lines all lend themselves to

learning the ropes with ease.      




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