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Motor/Sailing Yacht Tricia

Length: 48 feet

Beam: 14 feet

Rig : Ketch-Gaff

Keel : full

Engines: 2X53 HP

Builder: Clapson & Sons, England

Year : 1938

Tricia is an old world wooden yacht, which serves as our home on Leros. Michael is lovingly restoring to her original character, each year, a new project -and a new coat of paint! Although when Michael purchased her she was quite sturdy and structurally sound, she had undergone many changes since her building and many, not true to her character. After five years of work, she now resembles her original style, and is quite comfortable, but as with all classic yachts, you begin at one end, work towards the other and when you get there, start back the other way! Tricia will always be an ongoing project for Michael as the upkeep of a classic boat never ceases, but then, that is what most sailors like.

Tricia is a Scottish motor/sailing vessel built way back in 1938.

The couple that commissioned her named her Tricia after the wife, Patricia.

She is pine on oak and solid as a rock. She was brought to Turkey about 15 years ago by her English owners who sold her after acquired a larger, similar yacht.

Climb aboard Tricia after a day of sailing and you feel as though

you have just disembarked on an island! She is spacious, comfortable and evolving every day. Her decor had been modified to that of a traditional English cottage and with her illustrious past history, Michael felt that she should be a comfortable, functional yacht which still resembled a fishing vessel. As ideas come along, Michael gets out the hammer, saw, and elbow grease and goes to it. She is taking on a new look now as Michael experiments with different hull and deck color- every year!

The open plan of the saloon which is accessed via the short case of stairs from the wheel house, with a window to the galley and to the wheel house, makes for comfortable lounging in the saloon and enjoyable working in the galley.

Although she was originally built with the two sleeping cabins forward, the main double berth, and a very large triple berth, we are setting her up to sleep four very comfortably up on deck under the stars. Like Pwyll, Tricia cruises at about 6 knots, with or without sails. Michael is still working on the standing and running rigging that has not been used in years. It is mostly there but needs working out properly. Unlike a sailing vessel, on Tricia you can stand upright and walk around freely through out the boat, right up to the berths! Most of the fittings are original, such as the head..

which is a "baby Blake", and takes some muscle to pump!

Michael was very content to find that the head was outfitted with the original double hand pump, a 1938, classic loo. (these are the kind of thing a sailor appreciates)

The forward cabin consists of three single berths which have more space than on most sailing vessels.

Staying aboard a classic yacht such as Tricia is quite a different experience to being on a sailing yacht and may suit your tastes more so than a sailing vacation. Any way you choose, your holiday on the water will be a relaxing, very unique experience.

The drawing of the original design from the boat yard where Tricia was built.

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