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Sailing Area:

The Dodecanese Islands

Our sailing grounds encompass the areaof the Dodecanese Islands

Leros going north, ending with Patmos. This might appear to be a small area to non sailors, but a sailboat only does 6 miles an hour on the average!

The winds that we can expect are pretty steady as sailing winds go,

and so we have some routes that will allow us to take in various islands

in the Dodecanese Island group.  


The Dodecanese Group:

This group of islands is made up of the twelve major islands

and their satellite islands of which there are many. The Dodecanese

is a chain running fairly close to the shores of Turkey, being

the eastern most "border" of Greece. These islands were occupied by

the Ottoman Empire for 500 years, and from 1919 to 1949, by Italy.

Each has left a mark on the people and traditions of each island,

and each island

is unique.

Our island sailing tour will most likely include

Leros, Lipsos, Patmos, Marathi, and Agathonissi,

and if the winds permit a longer sail to Levita, or on a calm day,

Aspronissi .


Our stops will alternate between larger and smaller islands,

anchoring on the docks of a village one night and in an isolated

anchorage the next.

Patmos is the most historic of all the islands in this group being

"Saint John's Island" where he composed the Revelations.

Little remains on these islands of Greece's ancient past, most

history here more from the 1100's.

Here in the Dodecanese you will savor the island life of the Greeks

as they have lived for centuries, often cut off from mainland

Greece for long periods of time. "Village Greek" is spoken in a

different way on each island and each island has it's unique

traditions and way of life, each considering the other almost a

foreign state- or at least, a rival. The simple fishing traditions

still prevail, and their easy going pace of life with it. Progress and tourism have brought modernity but here, neither has erased the past.  

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We are lucky to be a part of this lifestyle that still moves at a pace

associated more with the mid 1900's . . . .

As a compliment to your sailing holiday. . .

We suggest that you stay one or two days on land before your

sailing holiday begins. Possibly visit the very interesting old

fortress town (a medieval maze) of Rhodes, (it is easiest to get

flights in to Rhodes and carry on from there by the

Island Catamaran Service "Dodecanese Express" the next day)

or stay on a smaller island and give yourself the chance to get

into Greek mode and island life.

It is strongly recommended to have at least one night land stay

ashore for jet-lag recovery before we depart so that you will be

alert for the first day orientation.

If you would like to have an extended island stay, there are

very nice

locations on Samos, Leros, Lipsos, Santorini and Marathi.

original (2).jpg


a tiny,tiny island...


Begin your holiday in Greece with a stay on this tiny remote

island where one family has lived for at least 3 generations.

It takes a little longer to get here, but it is well worth the


Your best bet is to fly to Samos where you will take a hydrofoil to

Lipsi, then be picked up by a private boat. Otherwise, there is

the BlueStar ferry from Athens to Patmos and a daily tour boat

which services Marathi leaving Patmos every morning

We can make your reservations on Marathi Island for you.

original (3).jpg

Spend three or more days in isolation in one of Marathi's small

B&Bs. Swim off the beach, snorkel, take a walk around the island

(in all about 2 miles).

Join the return clients from all over Europe at the taverna of the

ownerof the island for conversation. The evenings often

get quite lively with talk,music and dance.

original (4).jpg

Mahalis & Dimitri, or down the beach at Stavros' rooms, all

charges around $35-$40US, A bargain, considering that

something similar in the Caribbean would cost over $200!

We will be sailing among the islands of

Patmos, Samos, Agathonissi, Arki,

Lipsi and Leros 

original (5).jpg
original (7).jpg

There are a number of small hotels on the shore, or inland,

which will make your stay on land a pleasant compliment to your

sailing holiday.

original (6).jpg

At the beginning or end or your sailing holiday, an island stay

could be

a great addition to your Greek experience.

An island stay is intended for those who want true relaxation.
Slow down
and become a little Greek. Find out what you have been missing...
We hope that everyone that joins our trips will do just this.


Leros is a very simple and very tipical island where normal,

not tourist life,

goes along quite happily all year 'round.   

You might choose to stay here before or after your cruise to get

to know our home port island.

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