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Travel changes your outlook on life,   
        sailing changes your life.

Sailing route

People often ask, "where will we sail".  Over the years I have developed routes to fit people's preferences that will be comfortable, enjoyable sailing, interesting because of the places we stop at, and geared to each group's preferences  as well as how much sailing is actually interesting to them, everyone is different.  If your emphasis is to visit the islands - we will focus on that; if you want a mix, fine. If you have come to do as much sailing as possible or "learn the ropes" we can focus on that.

The distances may seem small that I have shone below, but a sailing boat only goes  10 miles and hour and usually less. You want your sailing day to be fun and as  comfortable as the conditions will let it be, not to be an endurance!  I plan routes that have the best winds possible, some upwind,some days down; we have to work our way up the chain and then back down, so we will be at different points of sail on different days.  I do not "over sail" Pwyll's capabilities, I am a safe sailor, but that is not to say that I don't make it fun sailing, on the contrary.

What people often don't understand is that cruising boats don't "put the rails in the water, or have huge sails like racing boats - that style of sailing is just that, racing.  We keep the boat generally under 30 degrees of healing, what the boat is meant to do, and so moving around the boat under way is usually possible.  Here is a rough idea of where we might go in 10 days, (the light grey line) sometimes stopping for a day just to enjoy the island and get to know it, sometimes just being lazy and enjoying a beautiful anchorage where the swimming is exceptional and the waters crystal clear. There is nothing like being able to jump in and cool off at any time, snorkel, swim to the beach -  after all you have come to relax! 



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