r a t h e r b e s a i l i n g

Travel changes your outlook on life,   
        sailing changes your life.


 "For over 20 years I have had the pleasure of sailing in these waters with crews from all over the world, introducing them to sailing and to the local Greek and Turkish culture.  Each year on the average I only do 7 trips, and each is as unique as the people that come sailing with me. I limit the number of trips that I do in order to keep a fresh outlook, and be able give each group a unique experience with personal attention.

I have chosen to live here on Leros because of all that this area has to offer;  my husband and I love living in these islands among the Greek island people.  

 I continue to enjoy sharing my knowledge of this part of the world and it's cultures and of course, sailing  - with my guests.  Sailing with me on Pwyll is a personal voyage; you are not a number, not just another tourist. You will go away knowing you have seen and experienced these islands in the best way possible, from a local's point of view. I now live most of the year on Leros. We love our "backyard" of Leros, Lipsos, Patmos, Agathonissi, Arki, Marathi - and I will show you as much of the authentic Greek life on these islands as I can!

 Each trip is personalized to suit my guests, your level of comfort and preferences enter into the planning of your trip."

For futher information about sailing aboard Pwyll with Captain Christy, please click below to send an email.. 

Any and all questions are welcome, and non sailors, please do not hesitate to ask about any aspect of the sailing trips

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