r a t h e r b e s a i l i n g

Travel changes your outlook on life,   
        sailing changes your life.

WHERE & WHEN  will we be sailing?   

From June through September each year we are in the Dodecanese islands. Due to the unsettled situation in Turkey, unfortunately I am not currently running trips along the Turkish coast.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL DATES ARE NOW FILLED FOR 2018 (one possibility in July-inquire)

All Greek Island trips begin and end on Leros island, in the middle of this chain of islands. We are happy to provide information and assistance in getting to and from Leros  and make suggestions for  pre and post trip travel as well.  

There are no "set dates" the following is just a rough outline, which I generally follow. Dates are set by the first trips booked, and then I just work around those dates. There is no set length of trip, but I recommend no less than 7 days and no more than 10. I do not run trips  less than 5 days in length. 


Dates are not set in concrete! Until bookings are confirmed with a deposit dates are still flexible. Send your request and we can work out dates that work for you and for me.


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