r a t h e r b e s a i l i n g

Travel changes your outlook on life,   
        sailing changes your life.


                                                                        8 Day *          9 Day *         10 Day

              Two  to  Four  Passengers                      4,700           5,000          5,400  euro

*Prices are based on an occupancy of 4; for each additional person add 300 to a trip 7-8 day trip, 450 for 9 or 10 day trips  

We can accommodate up to 5: 4 in 2 double cabins

and 1, (shorter person/child), sleeping in the saloon.

 Breakfast and lunch, soft drinks and snacks included.  All boat fees included: skippering, fuel, docking, water; alcoholic beverages not included. Special dietary requests, not included.

Dinners on shore usually run between 20 -25 euro pp.  One evening meal aboard included. 

If we anchor out more nights, guests are asked to contribute 8 euro per person to the cost of dinner aboard.  

Wine and beer are not included in the above price. Prices may vary according to the time of year.  Be advised, that fresh fish dinners on shore will nearly double the cost of your dinner. 

  The fish is good but in the summer especially it is expensive.

   A normal schedule includes sailing every other day, when conditions allow, more sailing may be possible.  Please do not expect to sail every day.   Sailing trips are meant to be relaxing; your trip will be a mix of sailing to small islands where we usually can dock, and on other islands we will be anchoring out in more isolated coves.   


   Would you like to have contact with someone who has been on our trips?

We are happy to put you in touch with some former guests.


 Please feel free to contact us with any and all questions.   






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